We’re Nearing The Big Event—Disturbing Video and Map Surfaces, NYPD Prays to Allah, and the Islamic Explosion!

Lisa Haven News


By Lisa Haven

Did you know that the Islamic religion is not only one of the worlds fastest growing religions, but is also projected to increase faster than the world population as a whole? Did you also know that by the year 2050 the Islamic religion will be just as numerous as the Christian religion? At least that is what the latest 2015 Pew Report reveals.

If we remain on this track then it is likely we will see an increase in terrorist organization like ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah—Islamic organizations that are dedicated to killing Christians and any “infidel” who opposes their belief. That is why I believe it is crucial to know these statistics about our coming future and where it could lead.

In the video below I delve through the coming “big event” that we will be witnessing in our future including the rise of Islam, a shocking…

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