Think You’re Safe From Earthquakes? Think Again! 5,000 Just Rocked The Northwest! Seismologist Ask “Is the Big One Coming?”

Lisa Haven News

By Lisa Haven

“It’s no surprise that Californians are in danger, but scientists have also flagged residents of Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois and South Carolina.” 

That is the disturbing warning given by National Geographic about the dangers of earthquakes to those living here in America. The report further outlines that seismologist Mark Petersen, of the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program stated that they’ve “identified that there are 28 million people living where you’d expect to see pretty strong ground shaking in next 50 years. That’s a pretty significant number.”

Considering there has been a major uptick in earthquake activity in America, I believe we need to take their warning to heart.

The video below delves not only through the informant provided by National Geographic, but also details 5,000 quakes that have just rocked the Northwest and the warning letter that was issued to FEMA. Please don’t miss this staggering, life-saving report…

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