This Unnerving Document Harbors a Huge Hidden Secret About Massive Solar Storms and CME’s… Wait Till You Hear!

Lisa Haven News


By Lisa Haven

The UK Space Weather Preparedness Strategy has updated their report to include the possibility of severe space weather as a threat to world. The threats added included solar flares, solar energetic particles and coronal mass ejections (page 6). They warn of localized power outages, disruptions in satellites and GPS, increased radiation to aircrew, problems with transportation, and disturbances in small-part electronic systems (page 9).

The report further outlines that the worst case scenario would only allow Earth a 12 hour warning from impact. (Page 11).

DABOO77 brings us the breaking report…

In the video above DABOO77 references the Space and Weather Preparedness Strategy document. It is this document that reveals a 12 hour warning as well as some of the issues we’ll encounter. In the video below I delve through this unnerving documents contents…. Wait till you see what’s inside… 

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