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Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered – Conservative Byte.

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Eric Holder Justice Department Attacks 4th Amendment in New Way

Eric Holder Justice Department Attacks 4th Amendment in New Way.


The Eric Holder Justice Department is arguing in court for a totalitarian government that can spit on the Fourth Amendment.

Here is the text of the Fourth Amendment:

4th amendment

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

So Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (so-called) is now arguing in court, that the government can secretly vandalize your property, pretend to be repairmen, and then use their access to your property—which they gained through a criminal destruction of property and deception—to search your “persons, houses, papers, and effects.” And all of this is warrantless. They can then use anything they find as the basis for a warrant. (For all I know their argument would actually say you can skip the warrant and use what they found as the basis for pressing charges.

I suppose the government might insist that disrupting utilities that you have paid and contracted for, so that you think you need a repairman, doesn’t count as vandalism. That is a poor argument.

Federal agents, as NPR reports, disrupted the internet service of a rented villa in order to make the tenants believe they needed repairmen to come and fix it. Then they posed as the needed repairmen and used the access they gained to “just look around and see what we see.”

Defense lawyer Goldstein contends that not only was the search illegal, but the government knew it was and tried to cover it up. He contends that the materials submitted to a federal magistrate judge in seeking a warrant later carefully eliminated all indications that the federal agents had themselves cut the Internet line so that the villa occupants would ask for repairmen to come to the villa to fix the problem.

“They just managed not to tell the magistrate what it is they had actually done,” says Goldstein.

Indeed, Goldstein notes that he and his clients never would have known that it was the FBI agents who cut the line were it not for one slip of the tongue that the agents made — recorded on tape — when talking among themselves. He adds that when the defense asked for further recordings, the FBI provided two blank CDs, claiming the recording devices malfunctioned.

“There’s no real way of looking at this other than to say that it is a cover-up,” contends Goldstein.

Cover-up or not, the legal theory used here by the Justice Department and the FBI would change the legal rules of the road dramatically if adopted by the courts.

The theory behind this search is scary,” says George Washington University law professor Stephen Saltzburg, author of a leading criminal law text. “It means the government can cut off your service, intentionally, and then pretend to be a repair person, and then while they’re there, they spend extra time searching your house. It is scary beyond belief.”

And it’s not just Internet service that could be cut off. Cable TV lines, plumbing or water lines — the list in the modern world is a long one.

The Justice Department won’t explain itself to the media so that it can seem fresh and new when it makes up garbage in court to attack the Fourth Amendment. Given the idiocy of claiming the government can look at emails because they are held by third parties—email service providers—I suspect they are going to claim that all the utilities you have paid for are all fair game. They can stop your water to make you call a plumber.

[See also, “Celebrity Hacker Gets 10 Years For Doing NSA, TSA Routine Crimes.”]

These are criminal assaults. When I disrupt services to your house that you have contracted and paid for, I am engaged in a criminal act of aggression. The police, whether state or Federal, have no business attacking innocent parties in this way.

Reflect on the fact that the Feds tried to hide what they had done before they got caught, turned shameless, and claimed the right to be criminals. If one agent hadn’t slipped on tape, the victims would have never known what the Feds had done.

What this indicates to me is that this criminal act, that ought to send cops to jail for criminal trespass, vandalism, and fraud—is quite probably business as usual. They have been doing this trick as standard operating procedure.

Yo, Liberals! Will this be enough to get you to think differently about Eric Holder?




Top Meteorologist Claims: The Debate About Global Warming is Over – But Not How Alarmists Say It Is

Top Meteorologist Claims: The Debate About Global Warming is Over – But Not How Alarmists Say It Is.

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John Coleman, meteorologist and co-founder of the Weather Channel, wrote a letter to the Hammer Forum – which held a climate change symposium Thursday night in Los Angeles – outlining his position on the topic of man-made climate change. The main points from the letter, which was picked up by the British publication The Express:

  • There has not been man-made global warming in the past, is none in the present, and there’s no reason to fear that there might be any in the future.
  • Efforts to prove the CO2 emissions cause climate change have failed.
  • There has been no warming over the last 18 years.
  • There is no climate crisis, the oceans aren’t rising, polar ice is increasing, polar bears are increasing, and heat waves and storms are not increasing.
  • Climate change is a political and environmental agenda item without basis in science.

Princeton University climate expert William Happer added the following:

“The incredible list of supposed horrors that increasing carbon dioxide will bring the world is pure belief disguised as science.”

In 2010 a high-level inquiry by the InterAcademy Council found there was “little evidence” to support the IPCC’s claims about global warming.

It also said the panel had purposely emphasised the negative impacts of climate change and made “substantive findings” based on little proof.

Another related and interesting fact that came to light this week on this topic: the President’s assertion last month that the U.S. has cut greenhouse gases was proven to be wrong by data that show that greenhouse gas emissions actually increased last year.

Here’s the problem: CO2 emissions have increased dramatically over the last two-hundred plus years yet temperatures have varied. Or, in the case of the last 18 years, haven’t moved at all. Regardless of arguments about “climate sensitivity,” CO2 simply cannot be the driver of global temperatures with such fluctuations.

A 2013 NOAA article “Why did Earth’s surface temperature stop rising in the past decade?” hosted at poses:

“The most likely explanation for the lack of significant warming at the Earth’s surface in the past decade or so is that natural climate cycles—a series of La Niña events and a negative phase of the lesser-known Pacific Decadal Oscillation—caused shifts in ocean circulation patterns that moved some excess heat into the deep ocean.”

Yet here is NASA nearly one year later blowing that theory out of the water:

The cold waters of Earth’s deep ocean have not warmed measurably since 2005, according to a new NASA study, leaving unsolved the mystery of why global warming appears to have slowed in recent years.

This is the important point: the IPCC predicted that as CO2 level increases, temperatures will consistently increase as well, but they have not.


One thing seems to be certain among the many re-evaluations going on and that is that CO2 (and furthermore, manmade CO2) seems to not have the dramatic impact on global temperatures some scientists assert. Considering this, perhaps John Coleman has a point.

Executive Action: Obama Plans to Fly Illegal Aliens Directly to America | FrontPage Magazine

Executive Action: Obama Plans to Fly Illegal Aliens Directly to America | FrontPage Magazine.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


obama amnesty

I wrote about this yesterday already, but the proposal grows even worse by the minute.

Hoping to stem the recent surge of migrants at the Southwest border, the Obama administration is considering whether to allow hundreds of minors and young adults from Honduras into the United States without making the dangerous trek through Mexico, according to a draft of the proposal.

Administration officials said they believed the plan could be enacted through executive action, without congressional approval, as long as it did not increase the total number of refugees coming into the country.

How would you even begin to estimate that?

Essentially we’re soliciting large numbers of migrants from Honduras to enter the United States without the trouble of even sneaking over the border. Obviously there’s going to be a huge increase in “refugees”.

Some people have said that Obama turned the Border Patrol into taxpayer-funded coyotes. Now the same thing will happen to embassies and consulates. The goal will be to import as many Democratic voters into America as possible.

Obama’s response to every crisis he causes is to make it even worse.

This plan is being advertised as doing two things it obviously won’t do…

1. Slow the flood of migrants (instead they’ll enter the US legally)

2. Reduce the resource strain (huge numbers of migrants will be a major resource strain on towns, cities and the country.)

But this is also a field test for Obama’s plotted executive action amnesty. If he gets away with this, he’ll go bigger.


Scientists: Ebola Can Spread By Air In Cold Weather – Conservative Byte

Scientists: Ebola Can Spread By Air In Cold Weather – Conservative Byte.

Oh goodie! And they are predicting a cold winter too. ISIS will love this for Times Square on New Year’s Eve.
Check it out:

Ebola can spread by air in cold, dry weather common to the U.S. but not West Africa, presenting a “possible, serious threat” to the public, according to two studies by U.S. Army scientists.

After successfully exposing monkeys to airborne Ebola, which “caused a rapidly fatal disease in 4-5 days,” scientists with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) concluded Ebola can spread through air but likely hasn’t in Equatorial Africa because the region is too warm, with temperatures rarely dropping below 65°F.

“We… demonstrated aerosol transmission of Ebola virus at lower temperature and humidity than that normally present in sub-Saharan Africa,” the 1995 study entitled Lethal Experimental Infections of Rhesus Monkeys by Aerosolized Ebola Virus reported. “Ebola virus sensitivity to the high temperatures and humidity in the thatched, mud, and wattle huts shared by infected family members in southern Sudan and northern Zaire may have been a factor limiting aerosol transmission of Ebola virus in the African epidemics.”

“Both elevated temperature and relative humidity have been shown to reduce the aerosol stability of viruses.”

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